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More zombie videos on YouTube

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Reviews and Quotes for World War Z

' Forget the cosy homage of Shaun of The Dead, World War Z is written like a documentary...Max Brooks takes in every angle he can. War Stories, massacres, survivors accounts, government policies, the grisly fate of entire countries, the cover-ups, and the betrayals-they're all written in a wonderfully considered manner. Staggeringly well-researched, World War Z isn't without a little black humour, which is just as well considering the grim nature of the book' Dreamwatch

'a cracking read and a work of great precision..Brooks has hit gruesome gold with this beauty...consistently creative and genuinely chilling, these tales of horror could easily have been lifted from books concerning war atrocities down the ages if the subject matter hadn't been so fantastical...one of the best softbacks I have read all year' The Darkside Magazine

Another review of World War Z:

Your chance to win tickets for The Barbican's Zombie Film Fest:

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Zombies on YouTube

Click on the link to see some live undead zombies taking over Leicester Square.

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